Strokes Swim School - Children's Swimming Lessons in Essex


Terms and Conditions for Customers

Cancelling your place with us – We need to know as soon as possible if your place will not be required for the following term to avoid charging you for an unwanted place. You can cancel 

Fees in advance – Fees for the next term are due before the end of the existing term to hold your place. If you do not pay fees before the start of the new term places will be released. We send communication to all and a cut-off date for payment to be in by.

New customers joining our swim school have 4 days to pay in full from the date they received their invoice.

Hardship cases – We are sympathetic to hardship cases and those with large families (Managers discretion) but you need to get in touch with us in plenty of time for us to help. We will sometimes allow deposits or payment plans to hold each child’s place. 

Fees are non-refundable – We do not offer refunds. Places are held for the whole term so once booked and paid it is secured for your swimmer. By booking lessons with us you understand fully that we do not offer refunds under any circumstances and that this is a binding contract between Strokes Swimschool Ltd and yourself once payment is made. We have the right to vary or update these conditions at any time, but we will always provide full disclosure on our website for all to see. In extraordinary circumstances we may be able to freeze payment in your account for the swimmer to use when they can return. 

Changing days – We do allow movement through the swim school once a place is booked and paid. However, this will depend on availability at that time. We also have certain times in the term swimmers cannot move as we will be working on badges. Movement is managers discretion. 

Cancelations/missed swims – If any swimming lessons are cancelled due to school closures or pandemics, we may choose to hold the catch-up/replacement lesson in the school holidays or at the end of the term. We do not offer refunds for missed lessons unless we really cannot offer an alternative. This is the discretion of Strokes Swim School. If you cannot attend the replacement swim that we provide, please contact us right away to see if there are any other days, we can offer but it will depend on whether spaces allow.

Abiding by the terms & conditions/Code of conduct – Strokes Swimschool Ltd have the right to terminate lessons if the rules cannot be adhered too and we would be under no obligation to refund customers going against these rules. 

Any payment enquiries/communications/complaints email Joni Lee

Code of Conduct for customers:

  • Please drive with extreme caution on site – cars parked at owner’s risk.
  • No smoking on site.
  • Valuables left in the changing area at owner’s risk.
  • No outdoor foot ware to be worn on poolside.
  • No food on poolside.  Chewing gum is not allowed during lesson.

No photography – unless permission is given by the Teaching Staff and Parents/Guardians of other pupils in the School.

Children over 8 years should change in correct gender changing room.  Adults may only enter same gender changing rooms.

Strokes Swim School will accept no other responsibility other than pupils in a lesson at the time of the lesson they are booked in to attend.

Children are asked to tie back long hair, blow nose and use the toilet before a lesson. Children under 8 should be supervised when using the toilet.  

No jewellery is allowed in pool. All jewellery must be removed before entry. 

Children with contagious illnesses i.e. Measles, Conjunctivitis, Chicken Pox, COVID19 etc. are asked not to attend the pool.  Any swimmers suffering with diarrhoea or sickness must not swim 48hrs after the episode. Parents should consult a doctor to check whether the child should be swimming. 

Verruca’s must be covered with a swim sock or cream that forms protective layer.

Any medical conditions/disabilities/special needs that could affect your swimmer whilst in our care must be mentioned upon booking. We will add to our system and update registers for the teachers to then access this info but we also advice parents talk directly to the instructor before entering the water.

If your child has an asthma pump or epi-pen (any other medical interventions/medications) these must be brought to every swimming lessons to help prevent a medical emergency.

Young children still using nappies must wear appropriate swimwear.  All nappies must be taken home. Happy Nappies are advisable. 

Parents/Guardians spectating on poolside must keep well back from the pool edge. Strokes Swimschool ltd are not responsible for parents/spectators but we encourage parents to watch from poolside for safety reasons. Parents/guardians must be respectful and keep voices to a minimum. 

Please do not wring costumes out on the Changing Area floor.

No pushchairs or car seats on pools

No running on poolside.

Please note that Strokes Swim School operates out of School Swimming Pools. Although we do our up-most to keep conditions suitable and are in constant communication with the School regarding cleanliness, Health and Safety and other issues, the ultimate responsibility is with the School. So please could any concerns about these issues be directed to the School involved.

These rules are for the safety and well being of your children.

GDPR Information:

Strokes Swim School will need to save all pupil and parents contact information. This includes email addresses, contact numbers, date of births and home addresses, as per our policy.

This is essential for safety reasons as well as keeping you updated with important information, such as lesson closures.


Storing Medical Information:

Strokes Swim school will be storing all medical information you have provided to us at the time of booking. We store this information on a secure password system, which only Strokes Swim School administrators and teachers can access. This information is also printed on to the registers for teacher’s reference. It is imperative teachers have access to medical information or they can refuse to teach your child. We rely on parents to make us aware of any medical information. Parents must keep us updated with any ongoing medical conditions and make the teachers aware too if there are any medical changes. 


By paying for swimming lessons at Strokes Swim School Limited you are giving us full permission to take photos of swimmers for advertising and marketing use. We will always double check with parents and guardians verbally before we take photos but if you object you did need to put it in writing to us via email and also advise the photographer on the day.

By letting us take pictures you are giving the rights of that photo to our swim school only. You cannot use the photo personally as the other swimmers in the photo have not given you consent; consent is for the swim school only.

Third party sites relevant to Strokes Swimschool Ltd

We use other companies to help run and advertise our swim school. These third parties have their own privacy policies. 

Customers should check policies are suitable before supplying us with any ID or personal information.

We have listed below these third parties for you and an explanation on what they are used for within our swim schools

Morsolutions – web address:

This is the company we use to help us manage the day to day running of the swim school. It’s a locked, secured passworded system that stores and collects clients information. The system know all the swimmers info plus where the child swims, tracks progress and allows us to contact swimmers directly. 

GoCardless – web address;

This is the site we use to collect direct debit payments. The swimmers are asked by this company to input personal information and bank details. This allow the swim school to release, track and amend payments. 

We contact all parents/guardians before taking payment. 

We use social media (Facebook and Instagram) to advertise but we would never use swimmer’s personal information.

We send out monthly “swimmer of the month” emails which will also include and achievements or advertising. This email is sent from and mail chimp pulls all the email addresses from the Morsolutions system we use. IF you do not want to receive these mailchimp emails there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each one. 

We will ask the swimmer and the guardian verbally if its ok to add the swimmer of the months photograph. We will take the photo from chest up so as not to expose the swimmer and write swimmers name and the location they swim at but no other personal info.