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I’m so pleased with Strokes Swim School! My daughter loves swimming & the variety of strokes she is taught – especially butterfly! And my son has done so well with the brilliant swimming teachers as when he started he used to cry so much & wouldn’t even get in the pool. His teachers were fab with him and now I can’t get him out of the pool as he loves to swim so much! 🙂
Laura Blunt

He now loves to swim so much!

My son cried and sobbed and screamed aged 4, but has taken part now in two swimming galas at primary school! My daughter also scared and shy, took part in the last swimming gala! My youngest son has learning difficulties, but with the skill and patience of the Strokes swimming instructors, he was jumping off the diving board this year on holiday with no arm bands! Looking forward to their September lessons 😀
Hayley Marchant

Jumping off the diving board with no arm bands

Very pleased with strokes swim school. My son has learnt loads since starting and currently excited to return back in September. His confidence in his swimming has grown since he has been with strokes. Thank you.
Stacey Robison

My son has learnt loads since starting

My eldest daughter has been swimming with Strokes since she was 3. She is now 8 1/2 & is a very confident swimmer & can use a variety of strokes. My youngest is 4 & loves her swimming lessons too! The instructors are professional, kind & patient & know exactly how to get the best from the children.
Alison Onslow

The instructors are professional, kind & patient

Originally starting in the Parent & Toddler classes at Sweyne. My daughter grew to love Strokes Swim School, she used to look forward to her lessons and loved all the instructors. She left age 10 and a brilliant swimmer and she is no waiting until she is old enough to ask for a job with them 🙂 🙂
Fiona Bartlett

My daughter grew to love Strokes Swim School

Alisha and Emma have been so patient with my hesitant little girl, who now swims without armbands and even dived in the deep end at the end of last term! We are so happy with her progress and thoroughly recommend the team at Strokes! Thank you all!
Sarah Piper

We are so happy with her progress

Strokes taught both of my children to swim from the age of 3. They both went through all their badges with some very lovely teachers and really enjoyed their lessons. Swimming is such a valuable life skill and worth every penny spent. Thank you Strokes.
Susan Giles

They both went through all their badges

My Son has been with Strokes for the last 4 years and I can’t recommend them enough. He has been taught by most of the teachers at some point and loved them all. He really enjoys his classes and they have taught him to become a strong, confident swimmer. My daughter is on the waiting list to start as soon as she is 3. Thank you Strokes.
Eleanor Clarke

Thank you Strokes