Ability Classes

Baby Swimming 2 months – 1 year (adult & child)

Strokes Swim School Baby Swimming

Toddler class 1yr – 3years (adult & child)

Strokes Swim School Baby Swimming Toddler Swimming Class

Pre school class 3years – 5years (teacher works within the water & parents/guardians watch from poolside)

Stanley 1 – Stanley 4

Strokes Swim School Pre School Class

Beginners class 3years upwards (non swimmer – paddling without armbands)

Stanley 1 – Stanley 4

Strokes Swim School Beginners Class

Advanced beginner class (swimmers paddling without armbands, starting to learn full stroke)

Stanley 4 – Stanley 6
5m & 10m

Strokes Swim School Advanced Beginner

Middle class (swimmers learning full stroke but requiring teacher assistance within the water)

Stanley 7 – Goldfish 1
10m & 15m

Strokes Swim School Middle Class

Deep widths class (swimmers have mastered full stroke, now practice swimming out of their depth & start to perfect their strokes)

Goldfish 1 – goldfish 3
20m, 25m & 50m

Strokes Swim School Deep Widths Class

Easy 3/4 & Hard 3/4 classes (swimmers improve their distance & learn harder skills such as diving & tumble turns)

Angelfish 1 – Shark 1
50m, 75m, 100m, 200m, 400m

Strokes Swim School Easy and Hard Classes

Full lanes class (swimming lengths, working on distance, speed & more advanced skills such as racing starts & turns, plus personal survival)

Shark 2 & Shark 2
Dolphin 1 & 2
Bronze & silver water safety
400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m

Strokes Swim School Full Lanes Class

Advanced lanes class (Our last level where we still have teens swimming with us in our fitness & fun style class, hard fast swimming, mixed with lifesaving, water polo & diving)

Gold water safety
Bronze, silver & gold advanced swimmers
Starts & Turns 1 & 2
1000m – 10,000m

Strokes Swim School Advanced Lanes Class

Private lessons, 121s, 221s & crash courses held every school holiday

Strokes Swim School Private Swimming Lessons 1
Strokes Swim School Private Swimming Lessons 2

“The teachers will be working to a criteria when moving a swimmer up a stage, once criteria is met (this is the teacher’s discretion) the swimmer will be moved up a level when space is available. Parent/guardian will be contacted by Joni Lee via email when the child is ready to move up a stage. We move children as and when they are ready rather than waiting until the end of term. We will always try to allocate the swimmer the same time slot or within a 30min range either side but sadly sometimes this is not possible but can be discussed with Joni the swim school manager over email at the time of the child moving up a level”