Acceptable Behaviour Policy

All member of Strokes Swim School (instructors, helpers, swimmers  & spectators are expected to act in accordance to the policy outlined below to help create an inclusive, positive, safe and rewarding environment for everyone who attends,

  • Treating each other fairly with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times
  • Creating a working, learning and social environment that is open to all regardless of their background or personal circumstances, including but not limited to those of all gender identities and expressions, parents and carers, and the following protected characteristics as outlined in the Equality Act 2010:
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender reassignment
    • Marriage and civil partnership (in respect of eliminating unlawful discrimination)
    • Pregnancy and maternity
    • Race (including ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality)
    • Religion and belief (including lack of belief)
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation

We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind including discrimination and victimisation. All instructors are required to treat colleagues and students with respect at work.
We have a personal responsibility to treat each other in the way we would wish to be treated ourselves and should raise with individuals directly, if possible, where our expectations in terms of their behaviour towards us falls short.
This policy statement & associated guidance therefore aims to:

  • Provide you with clarity about your responsibilities to ensure the respect of others;
  • Inform you about your rights if you feel you are not being treated with respect by other colleagues and signpost you to the tools you can use in these situations
  • To encourage positive behaviour and to use informal approaches to resolve issues where possible
  • To emphasise commitment to our values in respect of acceptable behaviours at work

All members of the University should be aware of their own behaviour and how it impacts

Unacceptable behaviour may involve actions, words or physical gestures that could reasonably be perceived to be the cause of another person’s distress or discomfort. Unacceptable behaviour does not necessarily have to be face-to-face, and may take many forms such as written, telephone or e-mail communications or social media.
Some examples of unacceptable behaviour are included below:

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour, such as shouting or personal insults
  • Spreading malicious rumours or gossip, or insulting someone
  • Overbearing supervision or other misuse of power or position
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Offensive comments or body language

Issues need to be dealt with promptly and the confidentiality of the matter between the parties will need to be maintained. Guidance has been developed following feedback gathered from the instructors/spectators/3rd parties who whiteness & want to report.

Here is a link to our communication and complaints page:

Pathway of action to be taken:

  • If the concern is a Spectator towards another Spectator, Report in person to an instructor on poolside away from other spectators,
    If it can not be resolved on poolside report to Joni Lee via email
  • if the concern is regarding an instructor email Joni Lee or follow the anonymous complaints procedure on our website
  • If the concern is about Joni Lee contact the STA directly

Challenging or rude behaviour will not be tolerated and spectators/instructors/swimmers will be asked to leave the premises with immediate effect.