Area evacuation in an emergency

Emergency action plan for parents/guardians/swimmers in event of evacuation:

An area evacuation may be needed if there was a fire, explosion, bomb threat for example

Here’s the plan of action….

  • The teachers will organise and lead their class/swimmers, parents can follow behind their class, but all swimmers will be asked to line up with the teacher.
  • The swimmers/parents will be guided out of the swimming pool via the fire exit (children closest the exit first) and we asked to stand on the playground/car park.
  • Teachers will take a register and check changing rooms/toilets.
  • We would ask you to wrap your swimmers in a towel or any clothing you have with you, do not renter the changing area (at some locations foil blankets will be provided).
  • We would ask parents to stay calm, walk in single file lines and reassure swimmers.
  • Do not take swimmers home, as we will need to assess the situation, make sure all swimmers are accounted for and safe before letting them leave in parents care. Teachers will sign them out of the teachers in to the parents care by using the register.
  • Please let the qualified teachers advice and lead.

Evacuation Meeting Points

  • Appleton school & Sweyne school meet on the playground
  • The King Edmunds school in the yard/playground
  • Waterman’s School, Twin Oaks and Rayleigh Boutique meet on driveway

All spectators act as spotters & must read/understand their role at Strokes Swim School

Poolside spotters

  • Spectators act as spotters.
  • Each child must have a parent/guardian on poolside who acts as a spectator,
  • Spotters must they must alert teachers in emergencies and report any dangers, stay back away from the edge & alert using voice or going up to the teacher if they are teaching on poolside. The teacher will deal with the emergency from there,
  • Spotters must help teachers call for emergency services if asked to do so. Teachers will work together to organise first aid & emergency calls but may call on spotters if they need extra assistance,
  • Spotters are aware that first aid boxes are kept in equipment cages, if a teacher is injured them self they may ask the spotter for assistance
  • All teachers are fully qualified and all hold a STA Sat or RLSS rescue test for teachers lifesaving qualification but we would ask that all spectators who act as spotters stay alert at all times to help where needed