Communication and complaint procedure

Teachers and customers can communicate on poolside at the start or the end of the lesson once all children are with the parents and safe. Teachers must not chat to parents whilst lessons are running.

If poolside is inappropriate for the matter in hand or needs more time, both teachers and customers can liaison through Joni Lee. All swimmers have Joni Lee’s mobile number and email and Joni can pass any issues on to the instructor. The customer can also fill in an anonymous form through Strokes Swimschool Ltd website on the “send an enquiry” page. This will come through to Joni Lee who can act accordingly.

If a problem cannot be resolved between teachers and customers Joni Lee will deal with the situation. If the problem is with Joni Lee the parents can talk to the instructors who can then contact proprietor Joni Lee.

If there is a problem with the manager and owner, the swimmers can contact the STA directly.