Absent Swimmer Policy

Absent Swimmer Policy

If your swimmer is unwell or can not attend lessons for any reason there is no need to contact us if not attending for a week or two, all swimmer places are held and we do expect illness and the occasional absence.

If your swimmer is going to miss lessons for more than two weeks for an operation or other reason, please then contact us by sending us an email and we can pass any messages on to their swimming teacher.

We do not offer credits or refunds for missed swims, please see T&Cs (unless we cancel lessons our end, we may then add replacements swims during school holidays or credits on account).

Illness policy;

  • You should not attend lessons if your swimmer/Spector has any contagious illnesses such as measles, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, COVID19 and so on…. Any swimmers suffering with Diarrhoea or sickness must not swim for 48hrs after the episode.
  • If the swimmer is bleeding or has deep grazes we would ask swimmers not to attend and consult their doctor for advice on when is best to return to lessons.
  • Verrucas should be covered with waterproof gel/protective layer (bazooka treatment you can find in the chemist or supermarkets. We would advise against verruca socks as this could be a slip hazard.
  • If your swimmer is not completely potty trained we would ask you to bring them to lessons in a happy nappy or disposable nappy and ask all nappies to be taken home for disposal.
  • Covid-19, do not attend lessons if any your swimmer/Spector had any symptoms, please test, isolate and follow current government advice.
  • Nose bleeds, bleeding needs to be completely stopped to swim. The pressure of the water is likely restart the bleeding but please discuss with the swimming teacher about reentering.

Please feel free to discuss any illnesses/medial/additional needs with us via email.