Rayleigh Boutique Parking

Rayleigh Boutique, 23 Great Wheatley Road, Rayleigh, SS67AW

Please study the parking plan below before arriving.

We separate the driveway in to two sections (highlighted by the read and blue cars).

Inside the cars is the time (half past the hour, on the hour, quarter too and quarter past).

  • Parents/guardians must use the parking plan provided, no street parking.
  • Park close to the house so everyone can get on the driveway, do not park on the path or on the road outside the property.
  • Do not arrive early, maximum 7mins we feel is plenty of time to park and change as all swimmers should arrive with costumes on under clothing unless wearing a swimming nappy, remember the previous swimmers need time to get changed and off of the driveway before you enter (arriving 7mins before gives them 20mins to change and pull off the driveway).
  • Pack light, just bring what you need, clothing for quick changing is advisable, also no eating in changing rooms or on poolside and no talc powder to be used…. Rayleigh Boutique have installed a sink as you leave the pool in to the changing rooms so you can wring out costumes so the floor stays dry.