COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


Strokes Swim School ‘new normal’


Terms & Conditions and Code of conduct


  • We will adhere to 2m Social distancing on our site. Parents, teachers, and students will socially distance from eachother unless in a family bubble. 
  • Teacher will get in the water to teach the beginners shallow and advanced shallow swimmers, but we will do their best to remain distanced. If the teacher cannot remain distanced due to swimmer in distress/nervous/in danger etc, they will assist them in the water but not stand face to face, teachers will support from the back or the side of the swimmer. By booking lessons you are agreeing that the teacher will work in the water and may need to approach the swimmer. 
  • We will also put preserving life over social distancing; We will perform lifesaving rescues. We will encourage any injured swimmers to self-treat, but we will treat whilst wearing PPE if needed. 
  • One-way system (enter via the shallow end fire door and exit through the changing area).
  • Sanitise hands on entry. Sanitizer provided by Strokes Swim School. Poolside assistant will wipe down all touch points throughout the sessions. Cleaning will be upped. 
  • Sit in a holding area (shallow end on poolside) until called by your teacher, then parents can move to sit a long poolside
  • One parent per swimmer (other parents welcome to stand outside and look through windows).
  • Siblings we would prefer if they did not attend if not swimming, but if they do need to watch they will need to sit on parent’s lap or stand closely next to them.
  • Swimmers must arrive “beach ready” and pre showered which means costumes under clothing and take clothing off in the holding area. Shower at home before arriving at the School. Changing rooms will not be available before lessons.  
  • All belongings to be kept with the parent, we would urge you to pack light. We would suggest dressing gowns and flip flops, or tracksuits to easily undress.
  • After lessons swimmers can quickly use changing areas but there will be no showers. We would encourage quick changing or swimmers are taken home after lessons in their costumes with suitable clothing/dry robes/dressing gowns over the top. 
  • Exit out of the changing rooms and leave the site through the door by gym (do not walk through dining hall).
  • The equipment we use can be dipped in the chlorinated water and will be cleaned after every child. Every child will have their own set of clean equipment. We will clean all equipment thoroughly at the end of the sessions. We will use Milton sanitiser when needed. 
  • Changing rooms and touch points (Steps, ladders, seating, door handles) will be cleaned by the poolside assistant. We will encourage parents to carry their own hand sanitizer to use when leaving site. 
  • Instructors have all completed COVID19 qualifications and competency tests with D.P Leisure. We have a COVID19 safety officer who all teachers report too. 
  • If anyone does not abide by these new conditions, we will ask them to leave with immediate effect.

Please watch the COVID19 new normal video which can be found on our website. 

By joining our lessons you agree to abide to all of our safety measures put in place.