COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


Strokes Swim School ‘new normal’


Terms & Conditions and Code of conduct


  • We will adhere to 2m Social distancing on our site. Parents, teachers, and students will socially distance from each other unless in a family bubble.
    • Teachers will 2m socially distance, they will work within the water with beginner swimmers but only so they are ready to prevent danger occurring and stop the poolside becoming crowded. We can not manually support the swimmers at this time and will remain 2m away when teaching any ability, so when booking with us please be aware all swimmers must be able to get in by themselves and swim with either floatation aids or without but without teachers support (this may change if the rules on social distancing are removed, we will also contact booked swimmers via email with any updates).
    • We will also put preserving life over social distancing; We will perform lifesaving rescues. We will encourage any injured swimmers to self-treat, but we will treat whilst wearing PPE if needed.
    • One-way system (enter via the shallow end door and exit through the changing area).
    • Sanitise hands on entry. Sanitizer provided by Strokes Swim School. Poolside assistant will wipe down all touch points throughout the sessions. Cleaning will be upped.
    • One parent/spectator per swimmer
    • Siblings we would prefer if they did not attend if not swimming, but if they do need to watch they will need to sit on parent’s lap or stand closely next to them.
    • Swimmers must arrive “beach ready” and pre showered which means costumes under clothing and take clothing off in the holding area. Shower at home before arriving at the School. Changing rooms will not be available before lessons, but will be available after.
    • All belongings to be kept with the parent, we would urge you to pack light. We would suggest dressing gowns and flip flops, or tracksuits to easily undress.
    • After lessons swimmers can quickly use changing areas but there will be no showers. We would encourage quick changing or swimmers are taken home after lessons in their costumes with suitable clothing/dry robes/dressing gowns over the top.
    • Exit out of the changing rooms and leave the site staying socially distanced (at Sweyne please do not walk through the dining hall).
    • The equipment we use can be dipped in the chlorinated water and will be cleaned after every child. Every child will have their own set of clean equipment. We will clean all equipment thoroughly at the end of the sessions. We will use Milton sanitiser when needed.
    • Changing rooms and touch points (Steps, ladders, seating, door handles) will be cleaned by the poolside assistant. We will encourage parents to carry their own hand sanitizer to use when leaving site.
    • Instructors have all completed COVID19 qualifications and competency tests with D.P Leisure. We have a COVID19 safety officer who all teachers report too.
    • If anyone does not abide by these new conditions, we will ask them to leave with immediate effect.
    • “No Refund Policy”. If we are forced to close for COVID19 reasons we will hold all fees paid for the term on customers account to then be used against lessons when we reopen. No money will be lost but held with us until we are clear to start again.
      If your swimmer has to isolate we ask you not to attend our swim school for 14days (or how many days track and trace advice you) and unfortunately we can not refund or hold money over for these missed swims.
    • If we find out that parents are bringing swimmers when told to isolate we will ask you to leave our swim school imminently and permanently. We pride ourselves on keeping all our customers safe.
    • All customers must download the “nhs COVID19 app” and scan the QR code we have provided on entry. If you do not have the app or do not want to sign in you will need to give the poolside assistants your information which we will keep in case of an outbreak we know exactly who has been on site and what date.
    • Masks are mandatory. Masks must be worn but anyone over the age of 11 years. They must be worn on the poolside, in changing rooms and throughout the corridors. If customers are medically except they do not have to wear a face covering but we would ask you just to make the poolside assistant aware. Instructors may not wear visors or mask, it is not mandatory for the for teachers more personal choice (we may update this as the pandemic moves along, however, swimming pools are not as well ventilated so it is likely face coverings will be in place a while).

    At Sweyne

    • We are limited to 9 spectators on poolside due to Sweyne restrictions (risk assessed and put in place because of pool ventilation).
    • If your swimmer is over 8yrs upwards, or swims without teacher in the water, we would ask parents to wait outside and watch through the windows. Before the end of the lesson, parents walk round and down the corridor to meet them in the changing area, not walk on poolside.  Poolside assistants are on hand with guide swimmers under the age of 8yrs on to poolside when ready. The swimmers can leave their clothing on chairs and take to the changing room with them at the end of the lesson to meet parent for changing.
    • If you arrive and then a seat becomes available on poolside, feel free to ask the poolside assistant if you can watch inside, max 9.

    At Appleton & King Edmunds spectators are welcome on poolside, socially distanced. Benches are marked so parents sit apart.

    Please watch the COVID19 new normal video which can be found on our website.

    By joining our lessons you agree to abide to all of our safety measures put in place.

Masks are compulsory unless medically exempt.